Receita para salvar a Europa, por Michael Burleigh


“Let’s start by toughening up procedures for people leaving as well as entering this country, until they can demonstrate that they are going to a wedding in Baluchistan rather than advanced bomb-making with Al-Qaeda. Why not introduce bans, not just on radical imams but also on the murky foreign financing of Islam? Saudi Arabians do not permit Christian worship in their kingdom, yet they are allowed to finance Salafist/ Wahhabi mosques here.”

“Sophisticates claim that faith schools enable the government to monitor what is taught. That smacks of the complacency that allowed a ragtag and bobtail of Islamist radicals to set up shop in ‘Londonistan’ on the presumption of a ‘pact of security’ that would insulate their naive hosts. We need schools which teach respect for the culture of Shakespeare, Bach, Raphael and Rubens, not places that favour the limited horizons of a transplanted Third World village.”

Apenas duas das várias sugestões do historiador Michael Burleigh, para derrotar o extremismo islâmico, num artigo publicado no Sunday Times.

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