Why America must win (*)

 Letter from a European friend 

“Máquina Zero” is the size of the haircut young Portuguese conscripts used to get, on their first day in the Army. I choosed this term for the title of my main blog, in Portuguese, because nowadays, anybody that shows some respect for our flag, or say that he/she is proud of being Portuguese, is quickly labeled a fascist or a neo-nazi. There is no room, in European politics, to have a conservative view of the world and be accepted as someone who is willing to follow the rules of a democratic society. Leftists and liberals believe that those who don’t share their ideas are some kind of untermenschen, not entirely humans, probably the so called lost link between humans and apes. This is the main reason why I still post under a pseudonym.

Among a large number of my fellow citizens (in Portugal and European Union…) hating the greatest Democracy of our time, United States of America, is a mixture of a fashion statement and religious belief. It excludes any discussion or debate and doesn’t need facts or evidence to be based upon. Like the ancient Carthagenense, those believers are convinced that sacrificing a few thousands, may be millions of their fellow citizens, they will get mercy from the enemy. You may remember that, as the legions of Rome prepared to destroy and burn the walls of Carthage, priests of Baal Hammon knocked at doors, asking for young men to have their hearts ripped and their bodies burned in it’s bloody altars. Instead of fighting, they committed suicide.

Those like me, who don’t follow this fashionable trend, are looked upon as if they were some sort of serious mentally handicapped person. But I always remember the images of American cemeteries in the fields of France, near those famous Flanders Fields, where the best and bravest of America have fallen, so far away from their Homeland and their beloved ones, to bring Freedom to all of us. In many occasions, during violent discussions, when I hear the most abominable opinions, I repeat to myself: Sword, June, Gold, Omaha, Utah. Many of those that, today, live free in Europe, don’t deserve a single drop of the blood that was shed on all of those beaches of Normandy, many years ago.

When I started my blog in Portuguese, I did it just for curiosity and, at the same time, begin what I intended to be a resumed English version of the main page. I had around 164,000 visits, one year after my first post – not bad, for a blog in Portuguese (not “Brazilian”…). But I couldn’t update the English version (“Jarhead”, which has the same meaning of “Máquina Zero”) so often as I wanted.

Now, I intend to give more attention and time to “Jarhead”, in an attempt to show that some people, in this small European country, knows that, on the other side of the sea, there is a Land of the Free, which is also the Home of the Brave. And we believe that this these free men will win their battle, because they fight for something more that a strange God who treats women like cattle, having thousands of them, in Paradise, ready to reward coward killers who detonate bombs in schools and kindergartens (A God that acts on a way that is similar to a pimp, is something difficult to understand, for me…)

Victory of the United States of America and it’s allies, in the war against terror, means that I can continue to live in Freedom. It means that my sons will be free citizens of a democratic country. But keep in mind that this war is not a clash of civilizations. This is not a confrontation between West and Islam. This is a war between a civilization that brough the best Humankind ever had and a large group of fanatics that is helding as hostages hundreds of millions of muslims.

So, my American friends, I hope and pray that the flag of your fathers remain, proud and defiant, as a beacon for all of those around the world that not only praise Freedom, but are also willing to fight and die for it.

Best regards,

Jarhead, a.k.a. “Máquina Zero”

PS – My command of English is not bad, but I’m sure I have a couple of mistakes, in this post. But I think that the message I wanted to give is clear. Please, feel free to correct my English (Helps me to write better…)

(*) Nota: Publicado originalmente no blogue “Jarhead”, em língua inglesa.

2 Responses to Why America must win (*)

  1. PP&I diz:

    Desconhecia a versão inglesa deste blogue. Os meus parabéns pelo tempo dispendido na redacção e tradução dos artigos. 😉

  2. Ringthane diz:

    Boa. *These*, e nao *this* aquando do uso do plural , entretanto, nao deixei escapar. Keep it up 🙂

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