Gangs de Londres: descubra as diferenças…

On 21 February 2007, the BBC reported on an unpublished Metropolitan Police report on London’s gang culture, identifying 169 separate groups (see Ghetto Boys, Tottenham Mandem, Peckham Boys, Hawkubites, Yardie, and The Yiddishers), with more than a quarter said to have been involved in murders.[36] The report’s accuracy has been questioned by some London Borough’s for being inaccuarte in places and the existence of certain gangs on the list could not always be substantiated.[37] The Centre for Social Justice identifies the Gangs in London website [38] as a useful tool in creating an overall picture of London gangs as highlighted in the report “Dying to Belong: An in depth review of street gangs in Britain” [39] which was led by Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith in 2009.

PS – Para quem quiser ver, com mais pormenor, as características raciais dos gangs de Londres, aqui fica um site interessante:

London Street Gangs

One Response to Gangs de Londres: descubra as diferenças…

  1. al rachid al shahid diz:

    E em Portugal? nao ha gangs?
    Junior Mafia


    tropas di terrenu – kuspi balas

    SS – Drug Diling

    Teteu – Strilhos (Forças do Gueto)

    Nga – Carro Do Traficante

    Alpha 5.20 – La loi du plus fort

    alpha 5 20 la bicrave est dans ma tete

    Bristal “I’m a Gangsta”

    Reed Dollarz vs Trigga Freestyle Battle


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